Five Pawns Lasker's Rule

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1 990 р.
1 850 р.
Срок годности
2 года
Содержание никотина
Срок годности2 года
Содержание никотина3% / 6%

Жидкость Five Pawns Lasker's Rule

Вкус : Лучший креативный рецепт жидкости для электронных сигарет 2018г. Рифлёные картофельные чипсы, молочный шоколад, морская соль! Взрыв вкуса и мозга.

Five Pawns Lakers Rule



Описание производителя:

Five Pawns Lasker’s Rule e-liquid was inspired by a uniquely American creation - the potato chip, but with a homemade feel. The combination of flavors gives this gourmet vape a unique, baked aroma accompanied by both decadent and salty tastes.

Voted “Best Creative E-Juice Recipe 2018” by The Flavourist, this handcrafted item features the flavors of baked ripple cut potato chips, along with creamy, decadent milk chocolate. Finished with a sprinkle of artisan French sea salt e-liquid flavoring, Five Pawns Lasker’s Rule e-liquid takes a page from an old potato chip brand slogan, "Bet you can’t eat just one."



Five Pawns Lakers Rule Рецепт


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