Kizoku OAKER 25W VW Kit 1100mAh

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Kizoku OAKER 25W VW Kit 1100mAh

KIZOKU OAKER 25W VW Kit is not merely the representation of fine work; it is also the embodiment of delicate and high end. Compact design with 19mm, fine graining and fully build with machined stainless steel, Oaker delivers the ultimate hand feels experience. A designed dual-use system supports both DIY coils and pre-made coil heads, making it unique and compelling. What is more, Oaker was made to be much smarter and better by using 0.8-1.0 mm air inlet hole and a user-friendly single coil deck. Therefore, Oaker gives more than what you expected. You can also get KIZOKU Shima 18mm MTL RTA.


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